No matter your language needs, we can provide the service. Our professional staff and unique workflow enable us to provide high quality language services for a wide number of industries and a wide range of purposes!

Our translation services include document translation, interpretation, transcription and website localization across a wide range of general and technical subject areas. In addition, LC provides career development opportunities for translators and interpreters by delivering capacity building activities through training courses, workshop and conferences.

Lang Consult, or simply LC, is a Translation Agency specializing in translation, interpretation, transcription and localization services.

lang consult translation servicesDocument Translation

LC can translate any document content into any language in our portfolio. Our translators, reviewers, proofreaders, and editors are professional linguists and native speakers of the target language… Read more

lang consult interpretation Interpretation

Lang Consult has the most highly experienced interpreters available to deliver onsite and remote interpreting services such as simultaneous, consecutive, whispering, and telephone or online interpretation… Read more

lang consult transcripionTranscription

In the translation industry, transcription is providing a written transcript of an audio or video recording. LC has skilled staff and the latest software solutions to ensure accurate and efficient audio and… Read more

website localizationWebsite Localization

In this age of globalization and economic integration, businesses should be seeking international markets. To that end, branding your products and services to suit different cultures and… Read more

The LC translation agency provides tailored translation solutions including document translation, interpretation, transcription, and website localization. Our translators, interpreters, transcribers and localizers all have proven technical expertise in their respective areas, and our project management and quality assurance (Q&A) processes ensure the highest translation quality.

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7 Reasons to Use Our Translation Services

      • Client satisfaction is our primary focus.
      • Our team of professionals has proven expertise and works to meet your specific needs. Once you assign us a project, you also become part of our team.
      • We stay abreast of cutting-edge technology to ensure our staff delivers quality services, on time and on budget.
      • Our communication protocol, work flow, and quality assurance ensure that we always exceed expectations.
      • We provide tailored language solutions that are flexible and adjustable to needs, purposes, and contexts.
      • Our strict code of conduct and enforced integrity guidelines protect confidential information and documents.
      • We believe in a fair price, which is why we offer up to 20% discount for high volume projects and long term agreements with our clients.

Our Team is committed to providing you with cost-effective and high-quality translation services!

Because of our technological integration, LC is able to offer competitive pricing/rates. Using the latest technology, we aim to enhance translation service quality and efficiency on a daily basis, providing you with up-to-date, innovative, value for money translation services.

We translate using professional translators, duly equipped with state-of-the-art Computer-Assisted Tools (CATs) to speed up translation process and boost translation quality.

Our translators, interpreters and revisers are always native speakers of the target language with a superior mastery of the source language and culture. Our translation project team always includes an expert in the subject area to assure quality of the technical content.

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Lang Consult (LC) provides translation services for governments, international organizations, businesses, NGOs and individuals.

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